David Wahrenburg

Leipzig-based graphic designer and programmer, with a focus on experimental web development — navigating the boundaries between digital spheres, printed matter, and physical spaces.


(web, code, 2024)

(web, code, design, 2024)

loading state ■

(installation, concept, prototype, 2024)

(web, code, 2023)

(web, code, 2023)

These tiny building blocks, like cells in a biological organism. ■

(print, code, concept, design, prototype, 2023)

(web, 2023)

(web, code, design, 2022)

(web, code, concept, design, 2022)

(miniatures, web, 2022)

(web, 2021)

(installation, web, 2021)

(web, installation, 2021)

(print, web, 2021)

(web, miniatures, 2021)

Gruppenbild ■

(print, code, design, concept, 2020)

Nicht-Erinnern ■

(installation, 2020)

(miniatures, web, 2020)

»nicht jetzt!« Website ■

(web, code, design, concept, 2019)


2024 teaching coding "is it a room in a screen or a screen in a room", Burg Giebichenstein, Halle

2023 guest semester, Klasse Sytemdesign, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

2021 — 2024 computer science studies, Leipzig University

2021 "Add Art" exhibition, RUGE FEHSENFELD

2021 group exhibition „Zwischen Zaun und Zirka", Frappant Gallerie, Hamburg

2017 — 2021 BA communication design studies, HAW Hamburg

2019 ADC “Goldener Nagel” for Neemodsch

2019 group exhibition „Du brennst es“, Wartenau 16, Hamburg

2017 group exhibition „Verschwommen Festival“, Stubnitz, Hamburg




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